Friday, December 9, 2016

Taxes 2008 For Dummies

Praise for Taxes For Dummies The best of these books for tax novices. —Worth magazine The most accessible and creative. Its also the best organized. —USA Today Will make tax preparation less traumatic. —The Wall Street Journal Sound financial advice you can use throughout the year. —The Seattle Times Covers critical tax code changes File properly, save time and money and minimize errors This friendly book guides you through the tax-filing maze, walking you line-by-line through the most common forms. Fully updated for 2008, including details on Alternative Minimum Tax relief, enhanced child tax benefits, and deductibility of mortgage insurance premiums, this indispensable guide also offers a new list of wise end-of-year money-saving tax moves. Discover how to: Itemize your deductions Negotiate with the IRS Take advantage of tax credits to reduce what you owe Make tax-wise personal finance decisions Maximize your tax software and e-filing options Audit-proof your tax return

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